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Welcome to Tahitian Noni Juice reviews.® Here are excerpts from the book Noni Juice: How much, How Often, For What – Fourth Edition by Neil Solomon, M.D., Ph.D. This will share many things about Noni Juice and/or Tahitian Noni Juice® and some of the things Dr. Solomon has researched.

“During my over thirty years as a practicing medical professional, prescribing medication was relatively easy. Once the proper diagnosis was made, prescribing simply meant taking into consideration the different characteristics of the patient (i.e., severity of illness, gender, weight, age, allergies, etc.) and putting it in my mind’s computer. Presto . . . the amount of medication was clear.

Since my retirement from the clinical practice of medicine, I have become more involved with natural healing. This has brought to my attention the ambiguity and confusion that exists when it comes to how much of a certain nutritional substance could or should be used in order to augment one’s health. Suggested use of many nutritional supplements is many times based on trial and error, which over time and use, somewhat regulates itself. In the mid 1990s I decided to find a plant with a proven track record of successes and with unique health benefits worthy of study. I was interested in finding out how much of it people took to help different conditions.

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This led me to the fruit of the Morinda citrifolia plant (noni). I soon found the people of the islands of the South Pacific had used noni to promote healthy living for over two thousand years. Noni flourishes in the lush and unspoiled islands of French Polynesia, of which the best known is Tahiti. On this tropical island, noni fruit is used to make noni juice. I spoke to the natives who harvest noni and who have long benefited from its use. I believe that for optimal effectiveness, noni juice should have the following characteristics: grown in a pollution-free, unspoiled tropical environment; harvested by natives who, from tradition, know when and how to pick it; and to be freshly processed and packaged under careful supervision in a way so as not to destroy its natural beneficial ingredients, or be contaminated. The noni product should contain no less than 90 percent pure, unadulterated noni juice, with each ounce containing between 9 to 17 calories, 2

to 4 grams of total carbohydrates, and no added additives. The noni should also be tested to be contaminant-free. Please see Table 1 for a complete listing of the major known nutraceuticals identified in noni.”

Benefits of Sending Your Child to Daycare

The thought of sending a child to daycare, send chills on the spine of many parents. The reality, however, is that there are many benefits that can be reaped from sending the child to a day care. Every parent should take the child to a daycare, knowing that it is for the benefit of the child and not necessarily to be relieved of her duties as a mom or a dad. Daycares in Florissant Mo provides the best child care services.

Your child stands to achieve a lot in a day care from Well trained staff, a motivating program geared towards child development.   This program is for the early months, toddlerhood and beyond. This tells you that as a parent, you should at all times consider taking your loved one to a daycare because his cognitive development is well taken care of.

Socialization skills are nurtured in a day care. We all know the first socialization of a child happens at home, but the question is when does a child learn to socialize in a group outside the family setting. Children who go to a day care learn how to affirm themselves in a social setting and how to socialize with friends. This forms a nice foundation which helps one in both teenage years and adulthood.

A daycare in Florissant Mo helps to prepare your son or daughter for school. If you are getting finding homes for sale in St Louis Mo because you’re moving soon, now is the best time. However, if you start by taking her to a daycare, your child will become used to spending time with friends. She or he will not hesitate to go to school and find new friends. This will be easier because their social skills have been enhanced in the day care. The stay at home parents who do not want to be assisted in taking care of their young ones should consider taking them to a day care twice a week in preparation for school.


The interesting thing about daycare is that children are taught number, alphabets, how to pronounce words correctly and many other things. Teaching a child alone, especially by the parents can be a daunting task. If this is the case for you, enroll your child in a care and you will be surprised how she will grasp the numbers in a few days. This is because a child learns best in a group. Perhaps due to competition. The staffs there have perfected the art of recitation and singing, which the children like. From this, it can be deduced that day care is the perfect place for your young one.

In a daycare, you are sure that your child is under the care of professionals who are reliable. This is unlike nannies who can disappoint you by leaving on short notice. Most daycare centers are open for long hours.

Friendships between parents who take their children to daycare foster friendships. It is not all about children alone. The mother benefit of sending their children to daycare because they can get a lot of time to generate income.

If you send your child to the daycare, you will see the changes in a short while. Child care in Florissant Mo is very elaborate since children are given exceptional care.

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